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Do you speak Legalese? If you prefer to see the full privacy policy, go right ahead below.

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What your data we use

Contact information that you provide us: name, email, team name, profile photo, etc.
Feedback and other correspondence you send us.
Analytics on your usage of the app and website.

How we use your data, operations

  • Running the product in all its many forms.
  • To better communicate with you.
  • Making you happy and to be a good listener.
  • Making the product better, our ultimate goal.
  • We will need to understand your behavior and activity to build a better product.
  • We will use your email to let you know how we improved and continue to improve because we really do care about you.
  • We also will use your data to comply with all applicable laws and prevent fraud or harmful behavior, not like we have a choice on this one.

How we use share your data

We care deeply about your privacy and avoid sharing your information outside of a few exceptions.


We can’t do all this alone so we have a variety of partners for services such as: customer support, hosting, analytics, email delivery, marketing, and database management. These partners can use your information as directed or authorized by us and in a manner consistent with the full Privacy Policy, and are prohibited from using or disclosing your information for any other purpose.

Other users

Users on your teams can see your profile information, profile photo. They can also hear your of course, when you choose to speak to them.